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Drug dogs, traffic stops and your rights

Being charged with a drug crime in Illinois can trigger a long chain of negative events in your life that are never really settled. In many cases, it becomes apparent after further investigation that your rights may have been violated, and you should not be prosecuted for the alleged drug possession or related charge. We at Ryan & Ryan, Attorneys at Law, have often provided successful defense for people facing the consequences of a misdemeanor or felony drug charge.

Overview of what you should know about drugged driving

Drugged driving is the new buzzword circling around police departments and DA's offices. There is a concern that as marijuana use becomes more widely accepted, it will also lead to an increase in rates of drugged driving. Comprehensive studies are still years away, but preliminary data from police departments do suggest an uptick in drugged driving arrests. This post will go over the changes in the law and on the ground as they stand now.

The effect of marijuana legalization

Legalization seems to be sweeping the nation. Colorado and Washington both legalized the recreational use of marijuana. It is possible that more states will legalizeĀ in the future, so that you may be wondering, how do these laws affect you? This post will go over these changes and how they may affect you.

What are the elements of a drug manufacturing charge?

Drug manufacturing charges entail two separate elements. First, the prosecutor must establish that you possessed an illegal substance. Second, she must prove you intended to manufacture that drug. Generally, manufacturing charges are also paired with intent to distribute and other drug-related crimes. This post will address some of the nuances in these charges and how they could possibly affect you.

Man facing drug charges sentenced to two years probation

Anyone who is in the throes of a drug addiction understands that a life dedicated to feeding a habit is both difficult and dangerous. A physical dependence can drive a person to behave in ways that are counter to his or her own best interests. And far too often, a practicing drug user risks experiencing an overdose, being arrested or being harmed when engaged in a drug deal. Yet life does not have to be this way and it is very possible for an addict to find a way to turn his or her life around.

Drug kingpins convicted on trafficking charges

The leaders of a major Guatemalan drug trafficking organization were convicted in federal court. They were arrested in Guatemala pursuant to a U.S. warrant that charged each of them with one count of conspiracy to import cocaine into the United States. This is interesting because these individuals were convicted for their actions in another country based on the effect that it had in the United States. Convicting people based on international crimes is an evolving area of law that could have huge implications for other crime organizations.

A drug arrest can mean more than just drug charges

Methamphetamine, cocaine and crack are typically recognized as illegal drugs. Most everyone knows that if you are caught with one of these substances, you will likely face charges and prosecution. What you may not realize is that drug arrests can be made for more than just possession of illicit drugs. For example, if you are arrested with a pipe or a needle, then you may face additional charges. These are known as "drug paraphernalia" or items that are commonly associated with the use, manufacture or transport of illegal drugs.

A felony drug arrest doesn't mean it is the end

You never thought it would get this far. At first it seemed like no big deal. Sure you had the cravings for another pill but that was normal. You just finished surgery for a deviated septum. However weeks after the surgery and when the pain should have been gone, you still found yourself looking for another pill. It wasn't an instantaneous addiction like on those Just Say No commercials. It was slow. You would pop a pill then skip it for a week. You felt special; why weren't you addicted? Obviously, it was because you could handle it.

You could be charged with possession of drugs you were unaware of

In Illinois, many people have had a run in with the law at one time or another, even if they have never done anything illegal. Unfortunately, to get to the bottom of crimes, officers often need to investigate a large number of innocent people. After all, it is no easy matter to find out the truth behind an offense and it can often be a long and drawn-out process. This is especially the case with drug crimes as, even if controlled substances are found in someone's home or car, it is not always an indicator that they knew the drugs were there.

How is drug paraphernalia defined?

Every year in Illinois sees countless arrests being made in connection with drug-related activities. If you are suspected of involvement in the manufacturing or distribution of controlled substances or even if you are simply found with such drugs in your possession, you could face serious charges with potentially life-changing consequences if you are convicted.

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