Plea deal for results in dropped charges for Woodridge man

Allegations of sex crimes are among the most serious charges a person can face. Most community members do not take kindly to the idea of an alleged sex offender living amongst them, so prosecutors are under immense pressure to obtain a conviction. Because of this, a well-thought-out defense strategy is extremely important.

When most people think of a criminal defense, they think of going to trial. This may be a good option when the evidence against a person is weak. In other situations, however, a plea bargain may make more sense. A recent example in the Chicago area shows the potential benefits of a good plea deal.

Last year, a 61-year-old athletic trainer was charged with molesting a teenager. The man faced four felony counts of sex crimes. On Monday, however, he pleaded guilty to a single count of aggravated criminal sexual abuse. Because he arranged a plea deal with prosecutors, the other three charges were dropped.

Although this man could still face jail time, he could be facing many more years if he was found guilty of all four charges against him. As his situation shows, working out a plea deal can be beneficial because it often results in dropped charges or reduced penalties.

There is no one-size-fits-all strategy for a defense. Each individual’s defense should be tailored to fit the circumstances of his or her case. The best way to make informed decisions about your defense while protecting your rights is to work with an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “Ex-trainer pleads guilty to sexual abuse of boy at fitness club,” Clifford Ward, Dec. 3, 2013