Stun gun incident caught on videotape in Chicago

It certainly isn’t in every instance, but law enforcement uses stun guns in their regular course of duty. These devices are used as a non-fatal alternative to control suspects during an arrest. Although police might use these devices, they are still considered a weapon. When used while committing an act considered a felony in Illinois, it can spell trouble.

Two men and one woman were recently involved in an incident in which a stun gun was used during the commission of a theft. In this case, the episode was started on the Internet. A Craigslist ad was posted that offered for sale several iPad Minis. When the seller met up with the woman that had responded to the ad, he said that he was robbed instead.

According to a CBS report, the entire event was caught on surveillance videotape. In this videotape, a woman was seen talking to a man. During their conversation, two other men walked past. Then, they abruptly turned around and could be seen wrestling with the first man. Then, there was a brief flash before the three individuals got into a vehicle.

That is what could be seen on the videotape. According to a witness account from the first man, the other two had used a stun gun on the back of his neck. The first man had been holding three iPads Minis, but those were reported as stolen.

When police canvassed the area, other witnesses reported that they had seen the license plate of the vehicle. The investigation by Chicago police remains ongoing, but those that are arrested in relation to this incident could face serious charges.

Source: CBS Chicago, “Robbers Attack Man With Stun Gun, Steal iPad Minis,” Dec. 4, 2013