Chicago drug bust: police seize brownies, chocolate and mushrooms

Chicago police arrested a man in his twenties in Humboldt Park recently after they found treats such as brownies, cookies, suckers and chocolates in his home. The confectionery contained THC, which is the active ingredient in marijuana. Police also seized 5 kg of marijuana, some hallucinogenic mushrooms and a small amount of Ecstasy. The drugs are worth nearly $180,000.

The man is suspected of having manufactured the cannabis-laced edibles and is facing three separate charges of felony drug possession.

For a young person, being convicted of a drug-related felony can permanently alter the course of their lives. Besides the possibility of years spent in jail, a criminal record can affect educational and job opportunities, future home rentals, eligibility for some licences and even social prospects.

Unfortunately, some people are wrongly accused of committing drug crimes because they are associated with a criminal or are living in a home where drugs are discovered by police. For this reason, it’s very important if you or a family member is arrested for apparent drug possession that you obtain sound advice on your options as early as possible.

Strong legal representation should begin long before the trial. In some circumstances, an attorney can negotiate a plea bargain that avoids the need for a trial altogether and results in a reduced sentence or lesser charges. In other situations, fighting the charges in court may be the best option.

If your case goes to trial, remember that Chicago prosecutors are under pressure to obtain drug convictions. You will need a good defense in order to protect your rights and minimize the negative impact a drug charge will have on your future.

Source: Chicago Tribune. “Cops: Man arrested after search warrant finds pot-laced food, other drugs in NW Side home,” Jan. 15, 2014