Incident in Chicago hotel room leads to sex assault charges

A man from St. Charles, Illinois, finds himself facing sex crimes charges after an incident at a Chicago hotel recently. The 46-year-old man was charged with sexual assault against a maid who was working at the hotel. He could face serious consequences if he is convicted in the case.

It isn’t clear why the man was staying at the hotel, since he lives in the western suburbs. In any case, he changed rooms during the course of his stay. He apparently left some personal items in the old room, and so the maid who was cleaning the room brought them to the man’s new room.

Officials say that when the maid arrived at the man’s new room to deliver the items, he assaulted her after throwing her on the bed. The man’s dog was with him in the room, and the maid said she was also bitten by the dog. She was treated for a bite to her hand at a hospital, and later released.

The man was slapped and scratched during the incident; he was not present at his bond hearing the day after the incident because he was still in the hospital. Officials say that he has outstanding warrants in Will and DuPage counties, in addition to the new charges in Cook County.

There are no apparent witnesses to the incident, so the man’s fate may come down to the believability of his accuser. An experienced criminal defense attorney can work to ensure that no stones are left unturned for someone who is facing serious criminal charges.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “St. Charles man charged with sexually assaulting maid at Chicago hotel,” Kim Geiger, Feb. 24, 2014