Man attacked by armed assailants outside Chicago

Weapons crimes can bear repercussions up to and including extended prison time. If the charges involve a felony count, a convicted person can face consequences that will last even after they are released from prison. These can affect opportunities for work and housing, as well as other aspects of life like financial credit. A strong criminal defense and understanding the applicable laws is important when facing serious criminal charges.

A 19-year-old man told police that he was attacked by two men near the border of Chicago. The two men were in possession of a handgun, which they used to threaten the victim while they searched him for valuables. The two men did not take anything off the victim, though they proceeded to strike him several times with the handgun, which resulted in lacerations to the 19-year-old’s face. The attack occurred on Chicago Avenue, and the two assailants left the scene on foot.

If caught, the men could face felony charges for the unlawful use of weapons. They may also be charged with assault and attempted robbery, potentially leading to many years in jail. Weapons crimes are not taken lightly, and these additional charges may have penalties of varying severity, several of which could follow the men for the rest of their lives.

Those who are facing charges for theft, robbery or possession and use of weapons need to understand the potential outcome of criminal cases in Chicago. Becoming familiar with the legal process and forming a solid defense is the first step toward finding a suitable resolution to a particular case.

Source: The Daily Northwestern, “Men attempt to rob teen near Chicago,” Julian Gerez, Feb. 6, 2014