Chicago woman faces murder charge in domestic altercation

Facing criminal charges for an event can be a frightening prospect, and it is not always easy to know what to do in order to avoid an unjust sentence. This is especially true in a domestic violence incident. Any time an argument develops, there are bound to be differences of opinion about how the event began, and it can be difficult to make the details clear to officers who respond to the incident.

In Chicago, a woman is now facing murder charges after allegedly stabbing a man to death. According to reports, the man is the father of the woman’s child. The event took place late on a weekday night near South Indiana Avenue and East 39th Street. According to the medical examiner’s office for Cook County, the man was taken to the Northwestern Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced as deceased.

The woman faces a single count of first-degree murder for the event. Under Illinois law, the murder charge is a felony offense punishable by years in prison. Some people convicted of this crime may even receive a life sentence.

It is difficult to know what transpired before the alleged stabbing took place. Perhaps the man had physically attacked the woman or verbally threatened her. If she felt fearful for her life, it is possible that she reacted in the only way she felt she could to guard herself.

When tempers flare, even a simple misunderstanding can quickly escalate to a serious conflict. Ensuring your side of the story is understood is an important part of protecting yourself in any domestic assault or violence case. Establishing a criminal defense can help you minimize a sentence or even have the charges against you dropped.

Source: CBS Chicago, “Woman Charged With Murder In Fatal Brnzeville Stabbing,” May 24, 2014