Illinois man sought in connection with teen’s alleged rape

No other offenses carry the same types of penalties as sex crimes. The long-term consequences associated with a conviction in Illinois can include many years in prison along with sex offender registry, which can alter the rest of a person’s life. Sexual assault and other sex crimes are often reported by a single person, and the investigation is usually a matter of one person’s word against another. This means that many people are arrested each year in connection with crimes for which police have little or no evidence other than a description from an alleged victim, and this can make the cases quite complicated.

In Wausau, a teenage girl has accused a man of sexually assaulting her at a party. According to the girl’s complaint, some men she did not know invited her and her friends to a party. When they arrived at the house, a man followed her into the bathroom and sexually assaulted her, threatening to tie her up if she did not cooperate and even kill her if she made noises to alert her friends. The girl was 16 at the time of the alleged attack.

The man is now the subject of a nationwide search warrant, and he is facing multiple criminal charges. These charges include sex with a child, sexual assault with the use of force and false imprisonment. If convicted, the man could spend as much as 46 years in prison and pay up to $110,000.

If you have been accused of a sex crime in Illinois, it is important for you to begin the process of defending yourself immediately. Sex crimes are often handled with aggressive prosecution. Making your side of the story clear from the outset and establishing a criminal defense can protect you against time in prison and sex offender registry. Understanding your rights and your options is the first step in this process.

Source: Wausau Daily Herald, “Illinois man, 41, wanted in connection with assault of Wausau teen,” Shereen Siewert