Illinois woman under suspicion of theft

Anyone can come under suspicion of involvement in criminal activities. You may have been in the wrong place at the wrong time, you may look like someone who was involved in a crime or you may simply be falsely accused by someone you are on bad terms with. However, being investigated and charged in relation to an alleged crime does not automatically mean you will be convicted, so it is important to focus on your defense. No matter the charge, you are considered innocent unless proven to be guilty.

In Illinois, a former employee of the Franklin County Circuit Clerk’s Office faces charges of theft and official misconduct. These charges arose from a preliminary investigation by authorities. The woman was transported to Franklin County Jail following her arrest, which occurred only a day after the investigation began.

The whole matter arose when the 46-year-old woman resigned from the clerk’s office, where she had worked for approximately three years. According to authorities, during the course of the resignation, the woman told a colleague that, during her employment, she had stolen money. The amount alleged to have been taken has not been reported.

In the wake of the preliminary investigation and the charges, this woman is now facing the stress and trauma of criminal proceedings and continued investigation.

Individuals in situations like this one may benefit from the advice of an attorney. Legal guidance can be crucial when forming a defense and attempting to clear your name. An attorney can help you determine your position and advise you on how best to present your side of the story to a jury.

Source: The Southern Illinoisan, “Franklin County employee charged with theft,” June 13, 2014