Comedian found not guilty in assault case

Crimes relating to sexual conduct are very serious and often notoriously difficult to resolve. Unfortunately, it is a reality men and women in Illinois face all too often. Being implicated in this sort of crime can have severe implications for your reputation, your professional life and even your relationships with friends and family. Accusations of sexual assault should not be taken lightly and it is vital to handle such allegations calmly and sensitively.

Misunderstandings can arise which may leave someone feeling emotionally or physically assaulted, even if no harm was intended. These cases can lead to charges being pressed if a sex crime is perceived to have taken place. It is important to understand the other person’s position in order to figure out why charges have arisen and how best to form your defense.

In one case in Minnesota, a comedian has been found not guilty of charges related to sexual misconduct toward a comedy club hostess. The alleged incident took place in July 2013, after he accompanied the woman to her home. During an interview with police, he is reported to have admitted to attempting to kiss the woman. He also is said to have suggested that he may have been a little aggressive as well as flirtatious.

Following the verdict, his attorney stated that he felt the judge’s decision reflected poor decision making on the part of both his client and the woman. Sadly, this is a case where both parties may have been wounded by the experience. The comedian is said to feel vindicated by the verdict, given the damage the charges have done to his career.

It may have happened in another state, but this sort of incident could occur just as easily in Illinois. If you are faced with charges relating to sex crimes, you may have a long road ahead. Such cases often warrant long investigations and are very difficult to unravel. However, an attorney can support you through this period and may be able to assist you in protecting your reputation and your future.

Source: Park Labrea News, “Comedian not guilty of sexual assault,” Edwin Folven, June 26, 2014