Illinois music teacher cleared of criminal charges

When allegations of inappropriate or violent behavior arise, it is important that they are properly investigated. It is often impossible to tell at a glance whether there is any basis to such claims, so they need to be looked into thoroughly. Unfortunately, this can mean that innocent people come under suspicion as a result of false or misleading allegations. Whether you have been charged with theft, violence or any number of other crimes, it is important to stand up for yourself and make sure the truth is heard.

In Illinois, a music teacher has been cleared of misdemeanor battery after inconsistencies in the accusations were noticed. The 39-year-old teacher, formerly employed by Woodstock Community Unit District, was charged after a student allegedly claimed that he had put his hands on her buttocks. However, the details did not match up from one statement to the next.

The decision to drop the charges came just one day after a similar scenario. The teacher had already had another misdemeanor battery charge to contend with, but this too was dropped. The mother of two other children he has worked with has expressed her love for him as a teacher. He, in turn, has stressed that he understands that people want to protect their children. He blames no one for his circumstances.

For this teacher in Illinois, it could take a little while to repair the damage to his reputation, even though the charges against him have been dropped. If you are faced with criminal charges of any kind, they can seriously impact your life. However, an attorney can guide you through this difficult time and he or she may be able to help you escape conviction or at least negotiate a plea deal.

Source: The Chicago Tribune, “Ex-Woodstock teacher not guilty of battery charge,” Amanda Marazzo, July 25, 2014