Five strategies for a good drug crimes defense

If you are facing drug charges, the law provides that you may represent yourself or defer your case to a public defender who may be provided to you by the court to represent your interests. You may want someone who is known to specialize in the type of charges you are facing, especially when it comes to drug charges. Here are 5 strategies a defense attorney may employ as a foundation to formulating a successful defense for you against pending drug charges:

  • Negotiate With the Prosecution – a drug crimes attorney can work with his or her counterpart in the district attorney’s office to reach a settlement or compromise in lieu of proceeding with a trial. These accommodations, often known as plea deals, can result in a lesser or reduced overall sentence.
  • Exploit Missteps by the Prosecution – any knowledgeable drug crimes attorney knows that the court may only consider evidence and testimony obtained during the course of a due process, which is in place to ensure the legal rights of all parties involved. An attorney may seek to file a pre-trial motion on your behalf depending on the case circumstances.
  • Discover and Present New Evidence – a drug crimes lawyer defending his or her client may uncover and present evidence relating to the charges that can significantly impact the context of the defendant’s involvement and relation to the alleged crime.
  • Accurately Predict the Probability for Your Success – not all cases are winnable. However, even if the odds are against you, having an attorney who can advise you how to plead may go a long way toward reducing or minimizing the consequences inherent to drug related cases.
  • Adequately Represent You in a Court of Law – if your case goes to trial, it is important to possess the confidence that your attorney has a strategy for minimizing or ultimately defeating the charges against you. An experienced attorney may also be able to advise whether or not it would be beneficial to take the stand and provide testimony in your own defense, or to recuse yourself and exercise your right to remain silent.

Knowing what to expect is an invaluable resource when consulting with any legal counsel. If you lack experience or legal knowledge regarding drug related offenses, you may also choose to seek representation by a legal professional who has experience and success in handling drug related cases.