What happens if you are caught in possession of drugs?

The use of recreational marijuana has become a subject of much debate, especially since some states have chosen to legalize it. But if you reside in a state where possession is still a punishable offense, the charge is something that can follow you forever. How severe can the sentence for possession be? Although the severity can depend on what state you are in, some charges have the possibility of resulting in jail time.

With the changes that have been occurring in regard to the legality of marijuana use, there are often many questions about what constitutes drug possession. There is a major difference in simply being in possession of a drug and being in possession with the intent to distribute. The charges are different and can affect you with more harsh penalties if it is determined you had the intent to distribute.

One of the most common places you might find recreational marijuana is on a college campus. It would be very difficult to attend a party, or any college gathering, and not stumble upon some sort of drug use. So what would happen if a student was arrested for possession just because they attended the same party as those who were using? Or worse, what if you had given a friend from that party a ride home, and they left their drugs in your car? The most crucial part to a possession investigation is that prosecutors must prove that the drugs belonged to you, which can sometimes be difficult to do.

Drug possession can be a very serious charge that has the potential to change your life, and not in a good way. However, if you have an attorney on your side, they may be able to help you fight these charges and help you move forward with your life.