Can you concealed carry in Illinois?

Knowing the gun laws in your home state is extremely important if you intend to carry or own a weapon. Furthermore, if you intend to travel with your gun, it is vital to check the legislation in any states you may be visiting. Illegal possession of a firearm can have serious penalties in Illinois, as is the case throughout the United States, so it is better to be safe than sorry.

In Illinois, concealed carry permits began to be granted early in 2014. Applications rolled in quickly, with over 83,000 having been made by the end of July. While some might worry that this could lead to an increase in gun crime, it appear to have had the opposite effect. According to statistics, Chicago has seen a dramatic decrease in reports of thefts and burglary, while homicide is said to have reached a 56-year low in the year’s first quarter.

As this article on Chicago’s weapon crimes explains, Illinois became the 50th state to permit people to carry a concealed weapon. However, it is not guaranteed that a permit from one state will apply in another, even if that state also has concealed carry laws. If you are at all unsure, you may benefit from checking with an attorney.

Equally, if you are accused of a weapon crime in Illinois, an attorney could also be helpful. He or she can evaluate the circumstances surrounding the charges you face and help you to understand your options. With the correct support and guidance, you may still be able to avoid conviction.