Sex-related charges can turn your life upside down

It is no secret that sex-related offenses are an extremely serious matter, no matter where you are in the United States, and Illinois is certainly no exception. If you are suspected of involvement in such a crime, it could have a dramatic impact on your life, not only because of the lengthy investigation you could face, but also in the way people view you.

Even the suggestion of sexual misconduct is enough to make many employers unwilling to hire you. Friends and family may become wary of you or be unsure how to respond to the news. You could even have problems in your neighborhood, or struggle to find new accommodation, particularly if the news gets around.

Unfortunately, it is extremely easy to be accused of a sex crime as the term covers a wide range of offenses, from unwanted physical advances to suggestive speech. Something that you may feel is inoffensive might not be perceived that way by the person at whom it is directed and this could get you into trouble. As such, it is always important to be aware of people’s reactions and the laws within your home state.

An attorney can advise you about the charges you face and how best you may be able to maintain your innocence. Our page on sex crimes also has information on the options available to you if you are charged with a crime of this nature. Remember, you are not considered guilty under law unless proven to be beyond reasonable doubt. With the right defense and support you may be able to protect your good name and avoid conviction.