Many states ban weapons in school areas

Protecting the safety of children is undeniably important and many laws are in place specifically to preserve that safety. For parents in Illinois and, indeed, throughout the United States, school is one place you hope your child will be free from harm and fortunately this is usually the case. However, as many violent tragedies have still occurred at schools across the country, many states have legislation in place to attempt to prevent anyone from bringing a weapon into a school environment.

It is a somewhat complicated matter as, although several school bar weapons outright, federal laws mean that officials have limited ability to search visitors, staff and students suspected of carrying a weapon. Another issue is that some feel it would make more sense to train school staff in weapon safety and have them act as armed defenders in the event of an emergency.

However, as this article on violent crimes explains, the current situation is that in many states weapons are completely banned in schools. The problem is, many of these states also have concealed carry laws, meaning a weapon could enter a school property undetected.

The other side to this is that as the laws vary somewhat from place to place, an uninformed visitor could enter school grounds with a weapon without realizing they are breaking the law. As such, it is vital to be aware of state legislation at all times.

If you find yourself facing weapon charges, it is a serious matter. If convicted, you could be sentenced to time in prison or be heavily fined. However, an attorney may be able to help you. He or she can explain the charges against you and might be able to ensure that your version of events is heard by the court.