A hasty approach could lead to criminal charges

As many residents of Illinois know, it can often be hard to read people’s intentions. You may think you know where you stand with someone, but suddenly you’ve crossed the line and possibly irreparable damage has been done to your relationship with that person, to your reputation and perhaps even your future. You may not realize that you have done anything wrong, but if your advances are unwanted, you could find yourself under investigation for sexual harassment, assault or another similar offense.

The critical issue is to be very aware of the reactions of any person you hope to become intimate with. It can be difficult for some people to simply reject an advance openly, so if they seem uncertain or reluctant in any way, it is safest to make sure that they are completely comfortable before proceeding. Unfortunately, once that trust is broken, it could make everything else you do seem threatening.

Aside from the obvious distress of coming to bad terms with someone you care about, there is the added worry of criminal proceedings. If convicted, you could face fines or even time in prison. You may be ordered to stay away from the person in question and you are also likely to have to sign the sex offender register. This in turn can have serious implications for your future employment prospects.

If you have been charged with an offense of this nature, our page on sex crimes may have some of the information you need. An attorney could also be invaluable as you work to build your defense and protect your good name.