Can a weapon elevate robbery charges?

Being the subject of a criminal investigation in Illinois can be a daunting matter. No matter how serious the alleged crime or the associated charges, the threat of conviction is always a worrying one. You could face fines, struggle to find future employment or even be sent to prison. Furthermore, friends and family may view you differently after discovering you have been convicted of a crime.

As such, it is extremely helpful to have a strong defense. Furthermore, it can be beneficial to know the sort of details that can affect the severity of the charges against you and the possible sentence you might face. For example, many crimes are termed aggravated or armed if a weapon is involved in the perpetration of the act.

As this article on weapons crimes explains, robbery is an example of this. For instance, a second degree felony, which is how robbery is often classed, could end up becoming a felony of the first degree if a weapon is found to have been involved. This is particularly the case if someone was seriously harmed during the incident or if an attempt is made to kill someone.

Felony charges are not to be taken lightly, so if you are facing charges of this nature or you are worried about how to proceed in the face of the charges against you, an attorney could be invaluable. He or she can evaluate the circumstances of your arrest and may be able to assist you with forming your defense and identifying details that may help you.