Brass knuckles are illegal in Illinois

As most people in Illinois might be aware, the laws on weapon possession and use are quite extensive. Throughout the United States, the rules can vary quite significantly regarding which weapons you are allowed to buy, possess or use. If you breach any of these rules, even in ignorance, you could face serious criminal charges. This does not only apply to firearms, but also to all other forms of weapon, such as knives or knuckle dusters also known as brass knuckles.

In Illinois, it is illegal to use, buy or even own brass knuckles. Furthermore, the same applies even to items that look like brass knuckles. This could include jewelry fashioned in the same shape or even plastic knuckles. The charges for being found with such an item become more severe if you are found to have used them to commit a violent crime. This can result in felony charges.

In other states, as this article on weapon crimes explains, the restrictions on brass knuckles are often different. In some areas only the metallic varieties are considered illegal, whereas in others brass knuckles are legal providing they are not used with criminal intent. Knowing the specific laws for whichever part of the U.S. you are traveling through is extremely important if you wish to avoid criminal charges.

If you are uncertain about the laws surrounding a particular weapon or you have been charged in connection with some form of weapons crime, you might benefit from the advice of an attorney. He or she may be able to assist you with your defense and help you ensure that your side of the story is heard.