Illinois man charged in connection with drug death

In Illinois, any type of criminal charge can be bad news. Depending on the type and severity of the offense, you could face penalties ranging from community service to fines or even time in prison. Furthermore, conviction leaves a mark on your record that could be highly detrimental to your future. Your plans for work, accommodation or even college could all be thrown into disarray as a result.

In one such case, a 49-year-old man from Rock Island faces a number of charges including heroin delivery, possession of heroin with intent to deliver it and involuntary manslaughter. This combination of charges could result in particularly severe penalties. To make things worse, he is faced with the allegations that his actions may have led to someone’s death.

The victim in question was found dead in a home in Davenport where they are suspected to have taken an overdose. The investigation is still underway and an autopsy of the victim is expected. Until this is complete, it is difficult to pinpoint the precise reason for the victim’s death or whether any foul play was involved.

If you are facing charges relating to a drug crime, an attorney could be invaluable. He or she will be able to explain the charges against you and the level of penalty that might accompany them. Furthermore, your attorney may be able to assist you with your defense and help you work toward a more manageable sentence.

Source: Radio Iowa, “Illinois man charged in Quad Cities drug death,” April 2, 2015