Illinois pair charged after guns found in purse

If you have been arrested in Illinois, you could have a lengthy investigation ahead of you. It can take significant time and effort to get the bottom of a criminal case and even if you are completely innocent, it may be a long time before this is determined. As such, a good defense is critical, as there is a possibility that the matter may go to court.

In Cook County, Illinois, a 31-year-old man and 22-year-old woman have been arrested following a traffic stop. According to reports, two loaded handguns were discovered in a search of the 22-year-old’s purse. The weapons, a silver revolver and a pistol, were both found to be loaded.

Officers are also said to have spotted a bag of a substance which is suspected to have been heroin. The bag is reported to have been in plain view. The woman now faces charges relating to the weapons found and is to be electronically monitored at home. Meanwhile, the 31-year-old has been charged for driving despite his license being suspended. He also faces a further charge for controlled substance possession. If convicted, each could face serious penalties.

If you are facing criminal charges, your next steps are important. Saying or doing the wrong thing at the wrong time could affect your case, so it is vital to give your actions careful consideration. However, it can be hard to make such important decisions alone without a thorough knowledge of the criminal process. Nevertheless, all is not lost as an attorney may be able to help you. He or she can explain the charges against you and may be able to assist you with your defense.

Source: Palos Patch, “Parolee and Female Friend Face Charges for Possession, Loaded Guns,” Lorraine Swanson, July 7, 2015