What are the penalties for solicitation?

As most people in Illinois know, being accused of a sex crime can have extremely serious repercussions. Aside from the fact that it can affect how people around you react to you after learning about these allegations, if you are convicted you could face serious fines and even a prison sentence, not to mention being required to sign the sex offender register.

Something not everyone realizes can fall under the umbrella of sex crimes is solicitation. This is the act of trying to convince someone else to commit a crime. This can apply in many cases, but is often used with reference to prostitution. In some states, penalties for a conviction can even include being required to go to HIV classes and being tested for the illness. However, first time offenses can often be punished with community service or fines.

As this article on sex crimes mentions, in the case of solicitation charges, you need not actually have gone through with the act that is solicited for the charges to apply. This is because simply encouraging someone to commit a crime and intending to go through with it can be enough to count as a breach of the law.

Any form of criminal conviction in connection with a sexual offense can be a serious matter and be highly detrimental to your future. So, if you have been charged with a crime of this nature, you may find the advice of an attorney to be invaluable. He or she can explain your options and may be able to prepare for your trial and begin constructing your defense. With this guidance, you can improve your chances of a favorable verdict and perhaps avoid conviction altogether.