The basics of pimping and pandering laws

Pimping and pandering are two terms that are often conflated. Pimping is the receipt of benefits from the act of prostitution while pandering is the act of procuring a prostitute for sexual services. If you don’t see the fine line between the two, do not worry, it is tricky. This post will go over the differences and how you can run afoul of each charge.

In regard to pimping, a pimp watches over the prostitutes and in turn receives a percentage of the money procured from a customer. A prostitute’s customer is frequently called a “John.”

But pimping can also involve a person coercing another into performing sexual acts with a third party in return for an indirect benefit. For example, a man could convince his girlfriend to have sex with someone who could help the man’s career or social standing.

Meanwhile, a panderer acts more like a prostitute’s agent or an agent for pimps. The panderer may accept a commission from the prostitute or the John. The panderer facilitates the meeting between the John and the prostitute. Panderers also procure people for prostitution. Panderers may do this through violence, manipulation or often a combination of both. Panderers can be viewed as “agents” for prostitutes or “head-hunters” for prostitution rings.

In many cases, if the panderer accepts a “commission” from the prostitute for successful clients ? then the panderer could also be charged with pimping since he or she receives a benefit from the prostitute. A pimp who procures his or her own prostitutes can also be charged with pandering. Regardless of which you are found guilty of, the consequences can be severe. These are often felonies and result in years behind bars.

If you are charged with the pimping or pandering of a prostitute then you may want to contact a defense attorney. These charges can result in your being added to the sex offender’s list, which could follow you around for years or even decades. Although there is a fine line between pimping and pandering, often a person’s actions can result in both charges. Don’t try to face these charges alone, call an attorney to ensure you present the strongest defense possible.