Chicago has highest shootings in two decades

Chicago passed another milestone last weekend, at 3,029, it has now had more shootings in 2016 than it has since the 1990s. On the good side, at 480, the number of fatal shootings is about half what it was during the same period, in the early 1990s. But those numbers are still significantly higher than other comparable metropolitan cities including New York and Los Angeles. This has raised many questions about the safety of Chicago and where does the city go from here.

In fact, in one weekend alone, last weekend, ten people were murdered and 36 wounded. There was a drive-by shooting, a fatal stabbing, and a mobster-style shooting in a parked car.

Unfortunately, the law enforcement agencies are overwhelmed by the number of shootings and only 19.3 percent of 527 homicides have been charged since the beginning of the year. This has led to a piling up of unsolved cases.

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Source: Vice News, “Chicago has had 3,000 shootings so far this year ? hitting a two-decade high,” Tess Owen, September 13, 2016.