How can a DUI affect my career?

For those facing a potential DUI conviction in Illinois, there are numerous legal penalties that can be highly concerning. However, the damage to one’s ability to find gainful employment can also be a factor, one that can last much longer than the initial conviction. This illustrates the importance of a solid DUI defense, which will hopefully mitigate some of the ill-effects.

According to, there are a number of ways a DUI can impact your career. For instance, some jobs have a mandatory firing policy for those convicted of DUI. These policies will usually be included in employee handbooks, and the information will be presented to you at the time of firing. Additionally, you may be obligated to inform your employer as soon as the arrest happens, and failure to do so will only delay your inevitable termination.

If you are in possession of a professional license, it might also be in jeopardy after a DUI. This typically includes professionals in the medical field (such as doctors and nurses), as well as lawyers. Some states will employ a wider reach when it comes to revoking professional licenses, which can greatly damage your career prospects going forward.

Conversely, future of job seekers will also be at risk after a DUI. New hire applications typically have sections asking about previous criminal convictions. While there are provisions in place in some states that prohibit employers from asking about criminal histories, many are allowed to make these queries and can use the information to deny you employment. Even if you fail to provide this information, your record will still be searchable on public databases.