What are the laws against air rifles?

Being charged with a weapons crime can mean hefty fines and penalties, but you may not even realize you are committing a crime in the first place. When it comes to air rifles, the laws are not as well-known and can be confusing to some. Municode.com details the laws concerning air rifles in Ohio and how you can legally use them.

First, it is important that you understand what an air rifle is. Law enforcement officers group the following under the title of air rifle: spring guns and pistols, BB guns, pellet guns, paint ball guns, and air pistols or guns. Any other product that can impel pellets and be expected to cause physical injury can be considered an air rifle if it is made of steel, lead or other hard materials, such as plastic.

If a police officer sees you carrying such an item on any public lands, roads, streets or highways, he or she can seize the weapon. You can also have the air rifle taken away if you discharge it across or from any public or private property. The exception to this rule is if you are discharging the rifle on a target range that is declared to be of safe construction.

If your air rifle is taken away from you and it is unloaded, you are not guilty of breaking any laws. If you have broken a law, the seizure will be at your expense. This information is intended for your education and should not be taken as legal advice.