Accused of a DUI? There are significant penalties

Driving under the influence is a mistake that no one should ever commit. But sometimes it happens, and for those that are accused, they stand to lose too much. The consequences for a DUI charge are so severe, and they can affect an individual for many years — decades even — after the charge has been resolved.

Consider the legal consequences of a DUI charge. There could be jail time associated with your drunk driving charge. You may have to use an ignition interlock device. You will also need to fulfill community service and comply with alcohol rehabilitation and therapy. And then the charge will remain on your record for some time.

Having that criminal record is part of the indirect consequences of the DUI charge. You could lose your job or struggle to find a new one. You will need alternate forms of transportation while your license is suspended. Your insurance rates will skyrocket in the wake of the DUI. And, in general, your future could be irrevocably changed.

The financial costs too will be punishing. You have to pay for court costs and bail. You have to pay for your car getting impounded and to renew your license. You will pay those increased insurance rates for a long time. And there are myriad other fees and costs associated with a DUI.

So why do we bring all of this up? It is important as a frame of reference, and to reiterate to everyone out there that if you are accused of driving under the influence, there is a lot at stake. Having an attorney by your side is a good idea.

Source: BACtrack, “The High Costs of a DUI,” Accessed June 15, 2017

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