Drug charges filed against 3 in Illinois

Three individuals were recently taken into custody in Illinois for participating in an operation involving synthetic marijuana. These individuals included two men and one woman. Fortunately, those facing drug charges are always presumed innocent unless they end up being found guilty in a court of law.

According to police, a 42-year-old man persuaded a 25-year-old man to help him with illicit drug transactions so that he could avoid legal issues while on probation. The older man essentially accepted orders and then had the younger man serve as a runner. The older man now faces a total of 10 drug charges, which include possessing drugs with the intent to deliver them, and unlawfully delivering synthetic marijuana in the area of a school and park. He was placed in jail rather than posting more than $50,000.

The younger man was also jailed and has to post more than $10,000 to be released. The 46-year-old woman, who is the wife of the older man, faces the charge of allowing an edifice to be utilized for an illegal activity. She ended up being released from jail on a personal recognizance bond of $20,000.

Being convicted on drug charges can leave an emotional scar but also a scar on the convicted party’s permanent record, which can have negative results in many ways. For instance, besides leading to jail time and large fines, a drug conviction can make it impossible to land a job in a certain field or even get an apartment. An attorney in Illinois can help with defending against drug charges in an effort to attain the most personally favorable outcome possible, considering the circumstances surrounding one’s case.

Source: pantagraph.com, “3 arrested on synthetic drug charges“, Edith Brady-Lunny, June 24, 2017