Elgin achieves highest increase in DUI arrests

A city not far from Naperville, Elgin achieved the highest boost in arrests for impaired driving last year — a rise of 34.7 percent. This information recently came from a yearly survey on DUI arrests that the Alliance Against Intoxicated Motorists released. About 700 police agencies participated in the survey, with the response rate being 81 percent.

A major reason for the large boost in DUI arrests was the fact that more police officers in the Elgin area received training in spotting impaired drivers. While Elgin officers made 365 DUI-related arrests in 2016, Naperville officers made 312 arrests. Ahead of Naperville and Elgin in the total number of arrests made was Decatur, which had 401 arrests.

According to police, DUI arrests are some of the most complicated arrests for officers to make. However, the training that Elgin officers received was designed to help them to be more efficient while conducing such arrests. The police department also received an Illinois Department of Transportation grant that enabled it to devote more time to DUI enforcement, which also helped the city last year.

Being arrested for DUI in Naperville can understandably be intimidating, particularly for those being arrested for the first time. However, an attorney can gather information from the arrested party regarding the circumstances of the arrest and then explain how the system works, and provide an estimation of the outcome the defendant can expect in his or her particular case. The attorney will work hard to achieve the most personally favorable outcome for the defendant while also ensuring that his or her rights are protected during the criminal proceedings.

Source: dailyherald.com, “Elgin tops DUI arrest increase across state“, Elena Ferrarin, June 27, 2017

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