2 men face drug charges in Illinois

Two men in Illinois are currently facing charges for allegedly bringing large quantities of drugs into the state. The drugs were reportedly run through a couple of counties. In both of their cases involving drug charges, their bail has been set at $2 million.

The two men facing drug charges are 34 and 28 years old respectively. They each were indicted on several counts, with one of them being the Class X felony of illegal calculated drug conspiracy. A county state attorney and the Illinois Attorney General are working together to prosecute the cases.

The younger of the two men faces 11 counts, whereas the older one faces 12 counts. A county circuit judge and a grand jury foreperson recently signed the state grand jury indictments, and an agent with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security was a witness of the signing. Some of the men’s charges include the trafficking of a drug, possessing a drug and intending to deliver it, and using a telecommunication device illegally.

Facing serious drug charges in Illinois can understandably be intimidating, as such charges can have lifelong effects. Not only can a conviction lead to prison time, it can also make it nearly impossible to land jobs in the future. However, anyone facing drug charges is always presumed innocent until and unless found guilty at trial. An attorney can thoroughly study the case of a person facing drug charges and push for an outcome that is in his or her best interests considering the circumstances surrounding the case, such as getting the charges reduced or eliminated altogether.

Source: chicagotribune.com, “Aurora men accused of bringing large amounts of heroin, cocaine into area“, Hannah Leone, July 24, 2017