Man faces weapons and drug charges in Illinois

A man in Illinois was recently accused of committing crimes involving weapons and drugs. The weapons and drug charges came after the man, 45, reportedly pointed a firearm at another man’s head after the other man allegedly parked in his parking space. However, anyone in Naperville or any other part of Illinois who is accused of a crime is always deemed innocent unless proved guilty in court.

Police said they received a call about a man, 44, who had just gotten away from another man who had apparently put a firearm to his head. Police said the reported victim was at home at the time of the incident and told police that he would have moved his vehicle if requested to do so. Instead, the man now facing charges had allegedly blocked him so that he could not escape.

The man who is accused of having a gun has denied having one, asserting that he had simply used his fingers to form the shape of a firearm. However, he gave authorities permission to complete a search, during which police reportedly discovered a gun as well as a scale inside a safe. Police said they completed field testing and discovered that the scale had meth, cannabis and cocaine residue on it.

Facing drug charges can understandably be frightening, as a drug conviction can end up leaving a scar on one’s permanent record. This scar can have many negative impacts, including not only jail time and large fines but also challenges with pursuing one’s desired career or obtaining certain licenses. A qualified attorney in Naperville will fight to minimize the negative impacts of a drug charge through aggressive moves in the courtroom or skillful plea bargaining.

Source:, “Rural Odin Man Arrested on Weapons and Drug Charges”, June 8, 2017