Man facing DUI charge following crash

A crash that led to a man’s injury in Illinois also ended up leading to his arrest for drunk driving. The alleged DUI crash took place early in the morning on a recent Tuesday. The man facing criminal charges is 27 years old.

The crash occurred at around 1:30 a.m. According to police, he was driving a truck east along County Road 2100 North when the vehicle struck a culvert. At that point, the truck slid sideways, with part of it on the road and the other part in the ditch. The motor vehicle then flipped several times before landing upright in the ditch.

The man was partially ejected from his automobile and was taken to the hospital via helicopter. He was then arrested for DUI. Other preliminary charges filed against him include driving with a revoked license, the improper usage of a lane, not wearing a seat belt and illegally transporting alcohol.

Being arrested for driving under the influence can be frightening due to the multiple consequences associated with a drunk driving conviction. Besides possibly facing jail time, those convicted of drunk driving can expect fines and may struggle to land certain jobs due to the existence of a criminal record. However, an attorney in Illinois can thoroughly investigate the case of a person charged with driving under the influence and come up with a legal strategy that is focused on protecting the client’s legal rights as well as minimizing the impact of the DUI arrest on his or her future.

Source:, “Newton driver airlifted after crash facing DUI charge, police say“, July 11, 2017

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