Man facing weapon, drug charges sentenced to prison

A man in Illinois was recently sentenced for engaging in weapons and drug crimes. He will spend more than four years behind prison bars. The man facing the prison sentence for his weapon and drug charges is 18 years old.

According to authorities, the man was charged with unlawfully possessing cocaine as well as intending to deliver it. Officials said he also illegally possessed a gun. He ended up pleading guilty to both of these crimes.

The charges leading to his prison sentence of 4 and ½ years, followed by supervised release lasting three years, date back to early 2017. He will receive credit for the time he already served between February and September of this year. According to officials, the man’s past includes other weapon charges along with burglary and vehicle theft charges.

Those who are facing drug charges in Illinois may naturally worry about what these charges will mean for their futures if they end up being convicted. Not only can a drug conviction lead to time behind bars but also can make it difficult to land certain jobs in the future. However, an attorney can scrutinize the evidence that prosecutors plan to present to support the charges, in an effort to find holes in the case. In certain cases, it may be possible to get these types of charges reduced or to get them removed altogether. An attorney will ultimately strive for the most personally favorable outcome for the client given the circumstances surrounding his or her unique case.

Source:, “Cocaine, weapon charges lead to sentencing“, Sept. 26, 2017