Woman faces DUI charge after allegedly hitting squad car

A woman in Illinois currently faces drunk driving charges after reportedly causing a motor vehicle accident. The accident apparently involved the squad car of a state trooper. The woman facing DUI charges is 34 years old.

According to authorities, the woman was behind a car going south along a road at around 2:50 p.m. on a Friday. However, she allegedly blew through a stop sign. Police said she pulled into a squad car’s path along U.S. 150.

The police officer swerved in an attempt to avoid the woman’s car, but he could not stop quickly enough. Thus, the front part of his car struck the woman’s driver’s side. The woman suffered injuries and was transported to the hospital, where her condition was deemed critical. She faces charges of DUI involving alcohol, operating a car without insurance, not obeying a stop sign and possessing open alcohol in her car while driving.

If the woman recovers from her injuries, she will end up facing harsh consequences, including jail time, if convicted on her charges. Unfortunately, DUI charges can also make it hard to land particular jobs or rent cars in the future, thereby having a potentially lifelong impact on the accused. However, an attorney will pursue the most beneficial outcome for the client given the circumstances of his or her case. In some situations, the defendant may benefit from striking a plea deal with the prosecution rather than going to trial to fight the charge, as a plea agreement may lead to a lighter sentence than what would be rendered following a guilty verdict at trial.

Source: news-gazette.com, “UPDATE: DUI charges filed against motorist in crash on U.S. 150 near Danville“, Ben Zigterman, Nov. 12, 2017

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