Woman arrested for DUI after allegedly drinking vodka

A woman was recently taken into custody in Illinois for drunk driving. The DUI arrest took place after police said she told them she began drinking directly from a vodka bottle prior to crossing the state line. Police said they first noticed her car speeding at about 3:40 a.m. on a Sunday and thus executed a traffic stop.

According to authorities, the 27-year-old woman who was driving the speeding car had a hard time maintaining her balance during a field sobriety test. In fact, she reportedly kept falling. Police said they quit the tests for her safety and arrested her for drunk driving.

The woman chose not to complete a Breathalyzer test while at the police department. Her charges include DUI involving alcohol, not using a lane properly and speeding. She also faces multiple other traffic-related tickets in connection with her arrest. The woman was driving from Florida to visit an aunt in Illinois when the arrest was made.

The woman facing a DUI charge may understandably be nervous about how such an arrest may impact her future, which can include time behind bars and even the loss of a job. However, she is presumed innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law. Prosecutors will have to prove her charge beyond a reasonable doubt before any conviction can be secured, and this standard exists in an effort to prevent innocent people from being convicted of crimes they did not do and suffering the consequences of it. An Illinois attorney’s goal is to ensure that the defendant’s rights are protected during all stages of the criminal proceedings.

Source: La Grange, IL, Patch, “Drunk Driver Admits To Drinking Straight From Vodka Bottle: Cops“, Andrea Earnest, Dec. 4, 2017

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