3 ways to avoid drunk driving

We all make mistakes from time to time. You might sleep through your alarm and arrive to work late. Other times, you might have a bit too much to drink at dinner and get behind the wheel. While arriving late to work might get you a stern lecture from your boss, driving drunk could end in a driving under the influence (DUI) charge or, even worse, someone’s death.

Since a DUI can have far-reaching consequences, beyond just the legal ramifications, it is important to take steps to avoid making the mistake of getting behind the wheel after having too much to drink. The following tips can help you avoid drunk driving the next time you go out for a night on the town in Naperville.

Drink responsibly

The recommendation to drink responsibly does not mean you should limit your alcohol intake but still drive. What it actually means is that you should plan ahead if you intend to drink or you think there is a good chance you might drink. In other words, pre-arrange a safe ride home via Lyft, Uber, or by carrying the number of a local taxi service. Or, have a friend you trust to take the role of designated driver. Another option, if you are drinking at a friend’s house, is to make arrangements for a place to stay so that you do not have to drive.

Hand over the keys

A second way you can avoid drunk driving is to have one of your friends hide your keys if you decide to drink. If you cannot access your keys, then you will not be able to drive. Not only will this save you from a DUI, but it could save you from becoming involved in a car accident.

Do not drink at all

Of course, the one sure way you can avoid drinking and driving is to not drink at all. When you are out with friends you can opt for a non-alcoholic beer, soda water or some other beverage that is alcohol-free.

Even with the above tips, it is possible to still make a mistake and get behind the wheel after drinking. If this happens and you end up facing a DUI charge, keep in mind that you still have rights and options.