Man arrested for domestic violence claims he is falsely accused

Facing criminal charges of any type can create a challenging and stressful time. Domestic violence charges are especially daunting for the accused, not only for the potential consequences but also for the effects on child custody a conviction could bring. One recent incident has ended up in an Illinois criminal courtroom.

A 32-year-old man was arrested and charged regarding claims of domestic violence against his girlfriend. He allegedly poured coffee on her and then threw her down the stairs when she refused to give him money for financial hardships he is facing with his business. There is a witness supporting the girlfriend’s story, and the accused claims to have a witness corroborating his version of the events.

The defendant is being held in jail without bail due to a background with violence, the judge having decided that he is a danger to himself and to society. The man claims that he was the one assaulted and that the woman was throwing knives and glass bottles at him. He claims that he is being unjustly treated, and that he has seven children that are being withheld from him while he is locked up.

No matter how dire the circumstances may seem, those in Illinois who are facing charges of domestic violence are still fully protected by the presumption of innocence at every stage of the proceedings. An experienced lawyer can thoroughly analyze all the circumstances of one’s case to determine the best possible defense strategy. An attorney can also evaluate the domestic violence charges as well as the evidence that the prosecution intends to offer in court, reserving the right to address factual and legal issues in court.

Source: Orland Park, IL Patch, “Repeat Domestic Abuser Shoves Girlfriend Down Stairs: Prosecutor“, Lorraine Swanson, Jan. 4, 2018