Weapon, drug charges filed after traffic stop

Police recently arrested an Illinois man on drug and gun-related charges. The man was allegedly found with significant amounts of drugs, money and a gun in his vehicle and on his person during a traffic stop. The drug charges include unlawfully possessing controlled substances, possession with the intent to distribute and more. He is currently free on $15,000 cash bond.

It is unclear why authorities initiated the Dec. 22, 2017 traffic stop. A police dog who was with the officer at the time of the stop made the officers aware of the possible presence of illegal drugs. Police claim that they found methamphetamine and cocaine, both of which were stored in individually wrapped bags. Additional drugs, drug paraphernalia and $2,500 in cash were also found underneath the 28-year-old driver’s seat.

The driver was also carrying a firearm in the pocket of his coat, and when questioned allegedly told police that he needed it for protection. According to authorities, the driver disclosed that he was on his way to a drug deal and was worried for his safety. He was charged with armed violence and the unlawful use of a weapon.

The legal consequences for weapons and drug charges can be profound, and defendants may be understandably worried about the potential jail time and related fines. Criminal records may also follow people for years afterward, preventing them from fully utilizing life’s opportunities. With so much on the line, Illinois defendants are usually well-advised to take swift and careful action regarding their criminal defense plans, which typically begin with a thorough review of the charges and related evidence.

Source: thetelegraph.com, “Man found driving with loaded gun faces drug, weapons charges“, Sanford J. Schmidt, Jan. 7, 2018