Drug charges result from raid of Illinois home

A person’s home is his or her castle. Illinois residents can, and should, expect the highest degree of privacy in their homes. This means that if law enforcement officials want to enter the home, the law requires that they receive either consent or obtain a search warrant allowing entry. This protection extends to nearly every situation involving law enforcement officials, whether the occupants may face drug charges, murder charges or any other type of criminal accusations.

More than likely, this protection will play a part in the criminal defense strategies of five people recently arrested after the police raid of an Illinois home. Apparently, detectives with the local department’s narcotics division suspected that methamphetamine was present in the home. Investigators say they managed to obtain a search warrant for the premises, and allegedly found less than 5 grams of a substance believed to be methamphetamine, along with an unknown quantity of another substance police believe is heroin.

The five individuals in the home at the time of the raid face a variety of drug charges relating to delivery, conspiracy and possession of methamphetamine. Some of the five were released with notices to appear while others remained incarcerated at the time of this writing. All of them face prison time, along with other potential criminal penalties, if convicted.

More than likely, the details surrounding the investigation that led to police obtaining the search warrant that resulted in these drug charges will be a significant portion of any criminal defense, along with the execution of the search warrant. In addition, a determination regarding whether each individual’s rights were violated may be made. The information gathered through these inquiries could play a significant role in any criminal defense strategies.

Source: wqad.com, “Kewanee Police raid home, arrest five on drug charges“, Feb. 9, 2018