2 drivers hit with DUI charges after crash

Those that receive a charge such as driving under the influence of alcohol can be faced with moments of great stress and anxiety. A DUI charge can do irreversible damage to a person’s reputation and psyche. Even though the potential penalties can mean jail time and/or fines, it is helpful to know that a charge is not a conviction.

A recent accident in Galesburg resulted in two drivers receiving DUI charges. Reports say that the accident occurred during the nighttime hours at a popular intersection. According to police, a man driving a Ford pickup truck collided with a Chevrolet truck after running a traffic light at the intersection. Accident reports say that the violent impact resulted in significant damage to both vehicles.

Both drivers had to be extracted from their vehicles, police say. The driver of the Chevrolet truck was flown to a local hospital for treatment of injuries. Reports from police indicate that both drivers had blood alcohol levels that were over the legal limit. Police charged both drivers with DUI.

In Illinois, charges such as these can stay on a person’s record and hamper any future endeavors. A person can still end up with a DUI charge even though things like sobriety tests and Breathalyzers are not always accurate. Those in Illinois who have been accused of drunk driving reserve the right to defend against the charge. Seeking legal counsel can increase one’s odds of achieving the best possible outcome. A knowledgeable attorney can determine the best possible strategy for those facing a DUI charge while focusing on safeguarding the client’s rights throughout the legal proceedings.

Source: galesburg.com, “Ohioan charged with aggravated DUI after Sunday crash“, Robert Connelly, March 27, 2018

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