Search of home ends in drug charges

Those who end up with any criminal charge can quickly find themselves in a very serious and stressful situation. Although dozens and dozens of criminal charges exist, drug charges are often among the most serious. Such an accusation can do great damage not only to a person’s record, but also to his or her reputation. Those in Illinois who face a drug charge may want to take all necessary steps toward lowering their odds of being convicted.

Recently, two women were arrested at a home in Sycamore after police searched the residence and found drugs. According to reports, police received a tip from the postal service about packages being delivered to the home that possibly contained drugs. Police say they obtained a search warrant and searched the home, allegedly uncovering marijuana and cocaine.

Reportedly, police found a total of 8 grams of cocaine and more than a quarter-pound of marijuana. A woman residing at the home was arrested on drug charges, according to authorities. The charges include unlawful possession of marijuana with intent to deliver and unlawful possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver. Police say another woman who was also at the house when they arrived was also arrested, as she was wanted on forgery charges.

Charges like this have the potential to ultimately result in substantial fines and/or jail time. Those in Illinois who are arrested on drug charges have options available that could increase their chances of obtaining the best possible outcome from the court proceedings. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can offer guidance and protection of one’s rights throughout this arduous process.

Source:, “Two women face charges after drug bust in Sycamore“, March 10, 2018