Delivery driver in Chicago hit with drug charges

Like any criminal charge, a drug charge can have lifelong ramifications on those who have been accused. Receiving drug charges in Illinois can negatively impact almost every facet of life. These charges can blemish records and prevent those that have been charged from gaining future employment, thus hampering them from moving on with their lives.

A man who worked as a delivery driver in Chicago was recently arrested on drug charges. According to reports, police pulled the man over after a check of the license plate allegedly revealed a suspended registration. Police say they smelled an odor of cannabis coming from the man’s vehicle.

Allegedly, officers found a marijuana cigar in the man’s vehicle. The man also told police that had a handgun in his possession but said that the handgun was for his protection, given his occupation as a delivery driver. Reports say that the man had a Firearm Owner’s ID card for the gun. Police arrested the man and charged him with possession of cannabis as well as aggravated unlawful use of a weapon, according to reports.

It’s no secret that an arrest on criminal charges can be very stressful and serious thing to experience. Although drug charges are very serious charges, they are not convictions. Even though this individual was arrested on various charges, he has options and resources available that may increase his odds of obtaining the best possible outcome. A legal representative experienced in criminal defense can offer indispensable guidance for those who have been charged while protecting individual rights.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “Chicago delivery driver facing gun, drug charges: Evanston police“, Genevieve Bookwalter, April 20, 2018