Drug charges: Men arrested for allegedly selling synthetic drugs

Those accused of a criminal charge may experience a myriad of emotions. These emotions, often ranging from anger to crippling fear and anxiety, can rob a person of sleep and take an extreme mental and physical toll on those accused. It’s no secret that any criminal charge is very serious. Drug charges, in particular, can do irreparable damage to a person’s record and reputation. Those in Illinois who face drug charges should know there are resources available to help them during this trying time.

Recently in Chicago, three store clerks were accused of selling synthetic drugs. According to reports, the men allegedly sold synthetic cannabinoids to undercover officers. Reportedly, these drugs are known as fake marijuana, even though they do not contain marijuana. Federal agents said the drugs were in sealed containers and labeled with code names.

Investigators say that an examination of the drugs revealed that they contained amounts of a toxic substance commonly used in rat poison. Allegedly, the clerks sold several packages of the drugs per day from their convenience store. Police said one of the men had $280,000 in cash when arrested. All three men are currently awaiting court hearings.

It is reported that these types of drugs are not yet fully regulated and can go by many different names. Although these men have been accused, they have not been convicted of the alleged crimes. Those in Illinois who are arrested on drug charges have the right to seek legal guidance in an attempt to achieve the best outcome relative to their unique situations. An experienced and skilled criminal defense lawyer can guide those who have been charged and help protect a person’s rights throughout this process.

Source: abc7chicago.com, “Feds charge 3 as rat poison-laced drugs take toll in Chicago“, Chuck Goudie, April 2, 2018