Domestic violence accusations are on the rise

A criminal charge, although serious, is only an accusation of a crime. However, just charges alone can severely damage one’s personal and professional reputation. Domestic violence is a horrible thing that occurs way too frequently, and the state of Illinois has harsh penalties for those convicted. However, there are also many instances where allegations were proved to be false.

Police in central Illinois say that they have seen a recent increase in domestic violence calls. Domestic abuse and violence has been a problem in central Illinois for years. Police say that they often see repeat offenders in domestic abuse cases. According to reports, almost 550 adults and over 100 children were served by police in Macon County over domestic abuse allegations just last year.

Statistically, Macon County has the highest rate of domestic violence per-capita in Illinois. In one recent month, police reported 56 statements of domestic violence. Out of all the reported cases, it is possible that many more go unreported. However, there are also many times when a person is falsely accused of domestic violence or abuse, especially these days.

Even though domestic violence charges are far from a conviction, it could prove invaluable to those in Illinois who face these situations to acquire the services of experienced legal counsel. An attorney can thoroughly analyze one’s circumstances, including any evidence being presented by the prosecution, in order to determine the best defense strategy possible. Taking such actions can increase the odds of a reduction in charges or a case being thrown out altogether.

Source:, “Startling domestic violence increase“, Caryn Eisert, May 9, 2018