In Illinois, the penalties for drug charges can be severe

Across the United States, those who are hit with criminal charges can face steep penalties as well as many sleepless nights full of worry and anxiety. Particularly, the state of Illinois can be relentless on those that are arrested on drug charges. The penalties for these types of charges can mean decades behind bars, high fines and permanent damage to reputations and permanent records. The fallout from drug charges can also include job loss as well as loss of funding and getting thrown out of school for those attending college.

Recently, police searched the home of an Elgin man and arrested him on drug charges. According to police, they had received complaints and reports that drugs were allegedly being sold from the home. Police say they obtained a search warrant and the department’s SWAT team raided the home.

Allegedly, police found an undisclosed about of cannabis, hand guns and ammunition in the home. Police arrested the occupant of the residence. He was charged with possession of cannabis and felony counts of possession of cannabis with intent to deliver.

Even though this man was arrested and charged, he has not been convicted. It is helpful for those facing drug charges to know that they do not have to go through this experience alone. In Illinois, the penalties for drug charges can be severe, so those who have been charged should consult a legal representative. Even when faced with seeming insurmountable evidence, a skilled and knowledgeable attorney can determine a strategy to achieve the best possible outcome while safeguarding the rights of the client.