Man sitting in a vehicle gets hit with a DUI charge

Those in Illinois who have faced an arrest along with criminal charges are familiar with the feelings of embarrassment and seemingly endless worry that often come with such an experience. Receiving a DUI charge in particular can greatly damage a person’s record and show up on background checks, preventing them from obtaining future jobs or receiving loans. If convicted, offenders may face harsh punishment in the forms of steep fines, license suspension and even possible jail time. Unbeknown to many Illinois residents, it is possible to receive a DUI charge just by sitting in a vehicle.

This is what allegedly happened to a man in Decatur. According to reports, police discovered the man asleep in a vehicle in the parking lot of a Walmart. Allegedly, the man was asleep with the keys to the vehicle in his lap.

Police said that the man had slurred speech and an odor of alcohol was also noticed. Officers conducted a field sobriety test as well as a Breathalyzer test, reports said. Allegedly, the man’s blood alcohol content was above the legal limit for Illinois. Officers arrested the man and charged him with DUI.

It may be helpful to know that criminal charges in Illinois are only accusations by the state. It is not uncommon to have charges reduced. Although not the norm, the charges can sometimes be dropped altogether. Those who have received a DUI charge could benefit by acquiring the services of a knowledgeable legal representative. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can provide much-needed guidance while ensuring that personal rights are protected.

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