There are options available to those facing drug charges

When an individual faces criminal charges after an arrest, the experience can be embarrassing and absolutely devastating. It’s common knowledge that any criminal charge is a very serious offense, but drug charges in particular can affect a person for the rest of his or her life. In Illinois, these types of charges will show up on background checks, which can hamper job efforts and effect eligibility on things such as loans, child custody and college admission.

Recently, a woman was arrested in Lake Station and charged with drug possession. According to reports, authorities were dispatched to a residence in response to a call about a possible overdose. Reports say first responders arrived to find a man unconscious on the floor of the residence. Reportedly, the man was having trouble breathing and was taken via ambulance to a hospital.

Police say that, while they were inside the residence, they noticed possible drug paraphernalia. Allegedly, an officer noticed a metal scrub pad, which is associated with cocaine use. Reports say another officer found an off-white powdery substance that a field test indicated was heroin. The woman claimed the substance was not hers, but she was placed under arrest and charged with possession of methamphetamine, police say.

Illinois residents who have been arrested and are facing criminal charges may have feelings of hopeless and fear. However, there are options available that may help during this trying time. Those who have been arrested on drug charges have a right to seek legal counsel. An experienced criminal defense attorney can protect personal rights while offering guidance throughout this difficult experience.