Those charged with juvenile crimes can suffer for a lifetime

Rebellious behavior is a common trait among youth in Illinois and across the country. It’s no secret that most teenagers will participate in delinquent behavior at some point in their young lives. For some juveniles, what starts out as harmless shenanigans may eventually evolve into criminal behavior. Being arrested is a frightening experience at any age. However, juvenile crimes can damage reputations and follow individuals for the rest of their lives.

Recently in Cahokia, a 16 year-old boy was arrested and charged with shooting three other teens. According to reports, the incident occurred at night on Westwood Drive. Police reports say that one boy died on the scene and two others were wounded.

The deceased was a 15 year-old male. The two wounded were both 16 year-old boys and were transported to a local hospital in critical condition, according to authorities. Police said a 16 year-old boy was arrested and charged in the incident. The teen faces a first-degree murder charge and two other felony charges, Cahokia police say.

In the United States, crime among the juvenile population is an ongoing problem, but more help is available today than ever before for troubled youths. Many communities across Illinois are offering mentoring programs and after-school programs to combat juvenile delinquency. It is unfortunate that those convicted of juvenile crimes can suffer for the rest of their lives. However, juveniles who have been charged with crimes have the right to seek legal counsel. A knowledgeable attorney can determine the best possible strategy for juveniles who have been charged with criminal offenses while protecting individual rights.