Home invasion results in drug charges

Illinois residents expect their homes to be places of privacy and security. Unfortunately, law enforcement officials will sometimes search the homes of those suspected of crimes. In order for police and other law enforcement agencies to legally enter places of residence, consent or search warrants must be obtained. A search of the home is a common scenario for those who have been arrested on drug charges.

Recently in Lenzburg, a man was arrested on numerous charges after police raided his home. According to police, they received complaints of drug deals taking place at the home. Reports say police conducted an investigation and then searched the home. Allegedly, police discovered live cannabis plants as well as marijuana that had been packed for sale.

A handgun was also allegedly found in the residence. Police say that they obtained a search warrant before entering the home. According to police reports, the owner of the home was arrested and charged with unlawful possession of cannabis with intent to deliver, unlawful possession of cannabis plants and unlawful possession of a firearm.

Being arrested in any situation can be a traumatic experience, but being arrested in one’s home can be particularly unnerving. Drug charges, although serious, are only charges and do not constitute a conviction. If police did not follow the law and obtain either consent or a search warrant, the charges could be thrown out altogether. To achieve the best outcome in this situation, those in Illinois who have been arrested and charged are advised to seek legal counsel. A skilled and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney can offer guidance to those who have been charged and while protecting individual rights throughout this process.