Vehicle search results in drug charges

The state of Illinois is known for being tough on drug offenders. The penalties for drug charges can be severe and those convicted could be sentenced to jail time. Although the prospect of going to jail is enough to fill anyone with worry and anxiety, drug charges can also blemish permanent records and impede future employment opportunities, thus sabotaging any ambitious attempts at personal development and improvement.

Recently, a man was arrested in Riley Township after police say they located drugs during a traffic stop. According to police, they initiated a traffic stop and asked the man if they could search his vehicle. During the search, police say they located ecstasy pills, oxycodone pills and thousands in cash.

Allegedly, the man also had two children as passengers in the vehicle. Reports said an officer located the drugs in an open bag of chips. Police said that the man was arrested and charged with possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance, possession of ecstasy and possession of oxycodone among other charges.

If convicted, the man could be facing severe penalties for these charges. Any arrest is a serious matter and should not be taken lightly. Those in Illinois who have been arrested on suspicion of drug charges may think that there are no avenues for assistance, but there are options that can lead to much-needed guidance to help them through this dreadful and strenuous experience. A knowledgeable attorney can determine the best course of action and work to get charges reduced and even dismissed in some cases.